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Available in Spanish, French, and Italian

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Available in Spanish, French, and Italian

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KidsShine™ ESL: Imagine gaining confidence and self-expression in English through the magic of theater! This program is designed to engage and challenge English language skills through role-play, story-telling, improvisation, and the power of imagination.

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We are also offering tutoring for middle and high school students!

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Open House Saturday March 16, 2019 at 11:30am!

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    Acting, scenery, costume design, and program copy are all done by the children. The camp culminates in performance.

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    Westchester Family Magazine : Bilingual Education

    The Benefit of Starting Young: Little Language League in Rye caters specifically to preschool age children.

    As a part of a research on bilingual preschool opportunities in Westchester area, a few comments from Lyvia Sage, director of the LLL... here and full article in Westchester Family Magazine here.

    We Want to Make Your Kid Shine

    Little Language League is delighted to offer academic excellence in a language school. Our infant, preschool, and kindergarten through grade 8 programs set each child up for future success through our ShineImmersion™ curriculum. Our language programs are the most innovative, captivating, and effective language education for children available anywhere. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of language with the fundamentals of an excellent early education. The ability to speak and think in another language, whether it is Spanish, Italian, French, or Mandarin, will make them shine throughout their entire life.

    • Your child will learn to speak French, Italian, Spanish, or Mandarin like a native speaker
    • Voted Best of Westchester in 2010 by Westchester Magazine for excellence in language classes
    • Montessori methodology with a Reggio Emilia approach (learning through play).

    In our classes your child will feel as though they are playing and having fun. Our curriculum is rigorously developed. It has been built upon decades of cumulative research on the science of early childhood development that has highlighted the sensitive periods in which early experience can create either a sturdy or weak foundation for later learning, behavior, and health. We consider ourselves more than just a language school, because we are sensitive to the holistic and individualized development of our children.