Preschool/Kindergarten Calendar 2006-2007

Fall Theme: The World Around Me

September 9

LLL Open House 1:00–3:00

Week of September 11

First week of School

October 9 Columbus Day

No Classes — LLL closed

November 23–25 Thanksgiving

No Classes — LLL closed

December 2
2007 Preschool Registration begins

LLL Open House Preschool

December 4-8

Teachers Conference

Winter Theme : My House & Family

December 11

Winter Theme begins

December 25–January 1 Holiday Break

No Classes — LLL closed

February 10

Open House Preschool/Kindergarten/Summer Camps

February 19–24 Winter Break

No Regular Classes — LLL Vacation Camps Only!

March 19–23

Teachers Conference

Spring Theme: My Neighborhood

March 26

Spring Theme begins

April 2–7 Spring Recess

No Regular Classes —
LLL Vacation Camps Only!

May 7–11

Teacher Conferences

May 28 Memorial Day

No Classes — LLL closed

May 15–June 30

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Week of June 4

Last week of School /Teachers Conference

June 16

Open House Preschool/
Kindergarten/Summer Camps